Recommended staff augmentation firms to hire long-term software developers in South America

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Recommended Staff Augmentation Firms To Hire Long-Term Software Developers In South America

Hiring a software developer in South America for long-term engagements has different factors and implications to consider. You can read our getting started guide, where we talk about different things to consider: Where To Start And How To Hire Full-Time Software Developers In South America.

Using a staff augmentation firm can be the easiest way to do it. If you select the right company, you can achieve a partnership relationship that will help your business grow, but if instead, you select the wrong provider, you can end up losing a lot of time and resources. 

The main questions to answer when choosing a firm are:

  1. Is the company a good employee brand? Check out on their website how they sell themselves to possible candidates, and check their job postings.
  2. Is the company paying competitive salaries and benefits? Ideally, find a company where you can have disclosure of this or some sort of guarantee that the salary paid is competitive. Of course, this will impact the end cost, but assuring a good salary is the starting point for long-term engagements.
  3. Is the company hiring legally as an employer, and in what countries? And is it hiring directly or using other companies? This will impact the employee's salary and wellbeing. 

Some extra things to consider are if the company is specialized in the technologies that you need or if they are open to any technology, costs, US presence, payment terms, and methods.

Since some companies can work better for you than others, we want to present you with some good known staff augmentation companies that you can consider for your hiring needs.

BetterWay Devs

We will start by talking about us, of course, as our first recommendation.

Location: We are focused in Colombia but can recruit in South America. We offer legal labor contracts to developers only in Colombia with our local entity.

US presence and payments: We are a US company established in 2007, making contracts and payments locally in the US. 

What makes us different:

  • We are transparent, our fees and unique model are public on our website, and the salary is not only known but agreed upon between the developer and the company.

  • Our fees are not only transparent but low and flexible so that we can maximize salaries. 
  • We focus on employee wellbeing and the relationship between the hiring company and the employee. We help create long-term engagements.
  • Our model is unique, and employees get the best of both worlds with us, the stability and benefits of a local contract, plus the USD and exchange rate of contractors. Software developers also love our model.

  • We are your local presence. While developers work on the day-to-day with you, we look after them and help position your brand and employee brand with them.

  • Our model is meant for long-term engagements, and we are not a good option for adding employees on demand and for short projects.

If you want to know more about our model, you can schedule a meeting with us here:

Baires Dev

Baires Dev has a good reputation in South America as a robust firm with over 3,500 engineers in over 36 countries. They have a good client lineup and attract talent from all over South America. 

Location: Their headquarter is in San Francisco and South America. They are very strong in Argentina, but overall attract talent in all of South America.

Baires Dev is big and can be a good match if you want to scale your team and have multiple positions available. 

Cafeto Software

Cafeto is a Colombian company with a US presence and 11 years of experience. They have a focus on employer brand and culture, offering good benefits locally.

They have good local brand recognition and have been growing. One of the advantages that Cafeto brings to the table is the option to add temporal talent to projects.


Belatrix was acquired by Globant in 2019, making it the staff augmentation division of Globant.

Belatrix has over 20 years of experience in South America. They have a database of over 25000 developers to choose from and a presence in Peru, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, and the United States.


Willdom is a network of local staff augmentation firms or local branches, as they call them.

This creates unique conditions depending on your branch, but it also creates more recruiting power as all branches support each other to act as one.

This branching model will allow offering local employment contracts to talent, offering more benefits. 

Other companies to consider

At BetterWay Devs, we are looking for companies that want to work together to make devs happy. A happy dev is a software developer that works on good technical challenges with contract stability and good income.

Learn more about our model here 

Pablo Velásquez

BetterWay Devs CEO

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