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We help your tech-savvy company find and hire remote developers in South America, specially in Colombia, through a bold model that achieves long-term engagements with local legal contracts and benefits

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Why Hire Through Us?

Better Salaries

Better Salaries

Our unique model maximizes developers salaries without increasing the hiring-company end cost.

Our formula is based on charging a low transparent fee on top of a labor contract and providing the exchange rate benefit to the developers.

Transparent Fee

Transparent  Fee

 We charge a cost-effective monthly fee on top of the salary costs, you decide your fee:

Paid Upfront: 12%
Paid Before Payroll: 16%
Paid After Payroll: 30%
*Min fee $400
Extras: (Computer, Co-Work, Gym)

High exchange rate

High Exchange Rate

We work directly with the banks, and we get a better exchange rate than direct contactors.

This benefit is passed along to your team members as a monthly bonus based on the real exchange rate value, achieving a higher salary.

Direct Relationships

Direct Relationships

Work directly with the developers, on the day-to-day work, and create the trust needed for great team work.

Developers are hired  exclusively for your company, we are the employer of record, and we provide your local support for their well-being.

Local Support

Local Support

We are your local support, we make sure your team members feel your company and culture close to home.

BetterWay devs are remote with local benefits, their wellbeing and stability is our priority.

Devices Available

Devices Available

BYOD isn't always the best option, and shipping a computer or mobile phone overseas can be a hassle.

We make it simple by renting devices and adding them to the bill.

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Remote workers hired as international contractors are in a legal gray area, making it hard to access mortgages or car loans.

We provide legal contracts for both parties to be compliant with local legislations.

Attract more talent

Attract More Talent

Our model attracts senior talent that is looking for stability and local benefits.

But we are also able to hire remote developers that want to be digital nomads looking for a great company to work at.


Our cost-efficient Model


Recruiting Is Included

We invest in the recruitment process to find the best possible talent, and we send qualified candidates as we get them to establish a quick feedback loop.


Monthly Fee   (Min $400)

Between 12% and 30% of the employee's salary (Advanced Employee of Record, Legal Compliance and local support fee)*


Extras Available

Computers for rent and your own
custom perks like gym memberships or co-working space.


Companies That Trust Us

We are the local representation of our partner and as such we have the responsibility to create win-win-win relationships that last overtime.

Sunrise Integration
The New England Center for ChildrenGrove CollaborativeFormant, incSaggio TechnologiesSHAZAMME
FinDOxCopeland EngineerBuildable


Developers Testimonial about Our Model

Diego Vargas

Diego Vargas

My experience with BetterWay's selection process was accurate, fair, and well-related to the job I applied for. It gave me a very positive image of the company and motivated me to perform well in these selection tests.
Since I was hired I have felt well integrated and accompanied, the company has a great team of professionals who have been in charge of maintaining a constant dialogue with me, managing and collaborating in everything I have needed to start in my position and helping me to adapt in this integration process in the best possible way.

Roberto Zapata

Roberto Zapata

Being at Better Way has been great, the whole selection process with the company, as well as with the client was great.
From the beginning I identified with the client's project, so much so that I wanted to start immediately. And well, guess what, I'm working with the client, and I'm following a learning process, to strengthen my knowledge and to be able to bring all my experience to the project, the best of all, is that day by day I continue to learn. I'm very happy to be here, the people at BetterWay are very friendly and are always looking out for us. Definitely recommended!

Santiago Ramirez

Santiago Ramirez

The experience was very satisfying from the beginning, giving advice to increase the chances of being hired.

The accompaniment was also efficient for communication between the applicant and the company,Once hired, excellent follow-up has been done to find out what needs the company needs to cover and how I'm being integrated into the new company.

Camilo Atencio

Camilo Atencio

Working with betterway has been a great step forward in my career. The salary is top-market and the negotiation is transparent and mutually beneficial.

The client is a company that cares about my professional development and the life-work balance is the best I have experienced.

Cesar Zabala

Cesar Zabala

Betterway has been very transparent in its processes, it has always been interested in my well-being and maintaining a good relationship between all parties involved.

Diego Celis

Diego Celis

I found in BetterWay the perfect combination between work for a USA company with a great salary but having all the benefits in terms of healthcare, retirement plan and all support that I need here in Colombia, I am so happy to be part of BetterWay Devs.

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