FAQ for companies

We believe that long-term win-win relationships can only be built with transparency, our model is open, our fees our public, and your salary is something that you can discuss at any time with the hiring company.

Keeping the relationship open and honest is our focus.

How does the monthly fee work?

The rate depends on the time of the month in which the payment is made:

12% Upfront: Upfront payment is made via ACH or WIRE before the service month starts 30-days cancellation notice is provided.

16% Before Payroll: Payment is made in the middle of the month before payroll 15-days cancellation notice is provided.

30% After Payroll: Payment is made up to 15 business days after payroll 15-days cancellation notice is provided.

*Minimum monthly fee is $400

*Payments via ACH or WIRE

How do we communicate with the developer?

Once the developer is hired, we take care of sending an onboarding email where we include the developer's email. From that moment you can choose the best way to communicate, through e-mail, video calls, or any other tool you consider useful.

Is the developer dedicated to my company?

Dedicated full-time, he must fulfill all the tasks, obligations, and responsibilities that you assign him. The commitment and performance of the developer is 100% toward the client

Where are developers located?

The candidates provided are mainly from Colombia, but we can also source candidates from other South American countries.

What time zone does the developer work in?

Colombia is on the same time zone as MTZ for most of the year, most of the staff will overlap at least 7 hours

How does your recruitment process work?

Once we receive the job description of the position, we start the search for the profile and validation of the years of experience, skills, salary aspiration and level of English. Once all this information is available, the profile is sent to the client to carry out the necessary technical validations.

At this point, we are waiting for the comments or decisions that the client makes about the profile

How is your recruitment process?

We invest in the recruitment process to find the best candidate possible, and we send qualified candidates as we get them for a quick process.

The positions that you are looking for are posted through our network of events, social media, and assigned to our own full-time recruiters.

We pre-qualify candidates on both English and desired technical skills, for your internal technical evaluation process

*A successful recruiting process requires quick feedback loops and excellent communication, we prioritize positions based on the company response time.

What includes the BetterWay model?

We work under an efficient cost model that includes:

Recruitment: Recruiting has no extra fee through our own recruiting efforts.

Monthly Fee*: Between 12% and 30% of the employee's salary (Advanced Employee of Record, Legal Compliance, and local support fee)

Available extras: Computers for rent and your own custom perks

What are the expected salary costs for a developer?

We recommend a budget salary cost of $4,000 to $7,500 USD to hire bilingual Semi-senior and Senior devs

How is your cost structure?

The total cost will be based on the developer’s salary aspiration plus our EOR fee (it depends on the date the payment will be made from you) and also we include the computer cost and private health insurance per nuclear family member. 

Our staffing fees are designed to accommodate your budget and payment preferences. Choose from three options: 12%, 16%, or 30% of the salary cost, depending on when you make the payment. Whether you prefer to pay upfront, during payroll, or 15 days after payroll, respectively.

We help you provide local perks if you want to provide additional benefits

What are the benefits included in the contract for the developers?

15 business days of paid vacations a year

Government Health Care System Coverage

Added life insurance with additional medical incapacity compensation

Private health insurance included $50/m per nuclear family member. 

Pension fund - 401K

Government workers compensation system (Maternity and Paternitycompensation)

Personal CPA and Tax help Included

How is our (client) relation with the employee?

You are directly responsible for the tasks and responsibilities of the employee, we only take care of his/her well-being and carry out all the payment procedures and, if necessary, manage any tool or space that is necessary for his/her performance. The worker is fully committed to you and the assigned work team.

How long does your search process take?

It usually depends on the technology required, the years of experience and the level of English. The process can be as soon as possible as long as the response times with the client are fast

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