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Assessing the technical skills of software developers has become an essential component of the recruiting process and the ongoing evaluation of development teams. With the rise of remote work, which has become the most popular way to hire developers nowadays, organizations need effective tools to evaluate candidates remotely and ensure they have the necessary technical expertise.

To meet these demands, there are several top-rated platforms available that offer a range of features for conducting technical assessments. These tools enable organizations to evaluate candidates' coding abilities, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of programming languages and frameworks. By using these platforms, organizations can accurately assess the technical capabilities of candidates and make informed decisions about their suitability for specific roles or projects.

Furthermore, these platforms also serve as valuable resources for evaluating the performance and progress of existing development teams. Through regular technical assessments, organizations can identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training and support, and ensure that their teams are equipped with the necessary skills to meet project requirements.

In the context of remote work, these tools are particularly valuable. They allow organizations to conduct assessments and evaluate candidates from anywhere in the world, without the need for in-person interviews or evaluations. This flexibility not only saves time and resources but also enables organizations to tap into a global talent pool and hire the best developers, regardless of their geographical location.

In this blog post, we will review the 5 most popular tools for technical assessment of software developers.  These tools empower organizations to effectively evaluate candidates, ensure the technical competency of their teams, and make informed decisions about talent acquisition and development.

1. is a highly regarded platform, with a popularity score of  4.8 in G2,  that provides real-world programming challenges for assessing the technical skills of software developers. With a library of assessments focused on various languages and frameworks, organizations can choose from pre-existing challenges or create customized project-based coding tasks. One of the advantages of is its ability to conduct regular coding assessments or pair programming sessions for code review. The platform offers multiple pricing editions, catering to different budgets and requirements.


  • Customizable real-world programming challenges
  • User-friendly instructor dashboard for test-takers
  • Multiple pricing editions are available


  • Pricing information is not publicly available on the website
  • It may not be suitable for organizations with lighter demand or specific needs

Source: G2 Qualified Reviews

2. CodinGame

CodinGame is a platform that provides programming challenges and puzzles to improve coding skills. It is designed for developers, programmers, and students who want to improve their coding skills in a fun and engaging way.  It provides two suites: Coding Pad Screen for programming tests and Coding Pad Interview for collaborative coding interviews. CodinGame offers gamified assessments and provides access to a variety of puzzles, coding challenges, and multiplayer games.

The platform offers both free and premium editions, with the premium edition including additional features such as custom branding and candidate management.

In the Free edition, users have access to a variety of puzzles, coding challenges, and multiplayer games, although they are limited to two tests or interviews per month The pricing for the Premium edition starts at $100/month, and all premium plans come with a 14-day trial that allows unlimited tests and interviews.


  • Gamified technical assessments
  • Access to a variety of puzzles, coding challenges, and multiplayer games
  • Custom branding and candidate management in the premium edition

Source: G2 CodingGame Reviews

3. Codility

Codility is a platform that provides live coding interviews and events. It offers online coding tests and interviews, as well as customized high-volume campus recruitment and internal hackathon events. Codility supports a wide range of technologies and offers an expansive skills library. The platform ensures enterprise-level compliance and provides technical support and services.


  • Live coding interviews and events
  • Clear instructor dashboard for test takers
  • Expansive skills library and custom tasks and questions
  • Supports 90+ technologies.
  • Enterprise-level compliance and technical support


  • Pricing information is not publicly available on the website

Source: G2 Codility Reviews

4. Coderbyte

Coderbyte offers customized templates for quickly qualifying candidates and a real-time code editor for coding interviews. Coderbyte provides a wide range of coding challenges that can be solved in an online editor using ten different programming languages. The platform includes access to official solutions, user solutions, and articles on effective problem-solving.

The Monthly Subscription costs $199/month and includes access to all premium challenges, multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, automated grading, video recordings, cheating detection, and more. Coderbyte also offers a free trial that includes access to all premium features for a 14-day period.   You can also pay per candidate, with two packages:

  • $500 for 50 candidates that expires after 1 year
  • $350 for 30 candidates that expires after 1 year


  • Wide range of coding challenges in multiple programming languages
  • Access to official solutions and user solutions
  • User-friendly UI for test creation and management


  • The user interface may not be as intuitive as other platforms

Source: G2 Coderbyte Reviews

5. HackerRank

HackerRank provides a wide range of features for technical assessments and candidate management. Recruiters can assess candidates' technical skills using a library of coding challenges and assessments in more than 35 programming languages. The platform also offers interview management capabilities, enabling recruiters to schedule, conduct, and evaluate interviews using various formats like video interviews, coding challenges, and whiteboard sessions. In addition, HackerRank provides candidate management tools for tracking progress and collaborating with team members. The platform's content library supports recruiters and hiring managers with articles, webinars, and case studies on topics such as diversity and inclusion, remote hiring, and candidate experience. With customizable tests, candidate prep kits, and collaboration tools, HackerRank offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to conduct effective technical assessments and streamline their hiring processes.

It has a popularity score of 4.5 on G2 1.   With three plans, starter, Pro and Custom, pricing starts at $100/month.   The Free edition includes access to basic coding challenges and limited assessments.


  • Variety of coding challenges and assessments
  • Access to official solutions and user solutions
  • User-friendly UI for test creation and management
  • Interview kits and career resources are available

Source: G2 Hacker Rank Reviews

In conclusion, these five tools offer a range of features and options for conducting technical assessments, catering to the specific needs of different organizations. From companies with low hiring volume to those with high hiring volume, these platforms provide alternatives that can accommodate varying demands. Additionally, these tools offer different levels of sophistication in terms of assessment, allowing organizations to choose the approach that best suits their requirements. Whether it's customizable real-world programming challenges, gamified assessments, or live coding interviews, these platforms empower organizations to effectively evaluate the technical skills of software developers. By leveraging these tools, organizations can make informed decisions about talent acquisition and development, ensuring the technical competency of their teams and driving success in their projects and initiatives.

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