How IT Staffing Services Can Help Startups and Small Businesses

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In today's digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in the success of startups and small businesses. However, not every company has the resources to hire a full-time IT team. Enter IT staffing services, a staffing solution that serves as a bridge between businesses and skilled IT professionals. These staffing services, provided by expert IT staffing agencies, offer a flexible approach to meet your information technology needs.

Whether it's for a short-term project or a long-term IT strategy, IT staffing services are an invaluable resource. They offer both temporary and direct hire solutions, making them a versatile choice for any business. With the help of a professional staffing company, even businesses with limited resources can harness the power of information technology.

Contract IT Staffing Services as a Cost-Effective Solution.

Startups and small businesses often have limited financial resources, making it difficult and impractical to employ a full-time IT team. This is where the benefits of a staffing agency come into play. Contract IT staffing services provide a cost-effective solution, offering access to highly skilled IT professionals, such as software developers and help desk support, without the need for a long-term commitment.

Hiring an employee comes with additional costs like benefits and compensation, which can add up to 30-40% of the base salary. This includes legally required benefits (7.6%), insurance (7.8%), paid leave (7.4%), retirement and savings (3.5%), and supplemental pay (3.3%).

Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that the average annual salary for a software developer in the US was $124,200 in 2022. Factoring in the additional costs, the total expense of hiring a developer through a traditional route could reach up to $142,741 per year.

IT staffing solutions, like those offered by our staffing firm, can help mitigate these costs. Consider utilizing contract IT staffing services in a nearshore location to maximize your budget and achieve greater savings while maintaining the same level of benefits. South America, for instance, is an excellent nearshore destination with salaries that can reduce employee costs by 30 to 40%. If you are interested in this topic, visit our blog post for more details.

Moreover, IT staffing services can save you money while helping you find the best candidates for your skill set needs. As a recruiting firm, we understand that these services often involve more than just staffing; they also include recruiting, providing an extra advantage. On average, a typical company in the United States spends around $4,000 to recruit a new employee. However, for software developers, recruitment costs can go up to $35,685. These are just some of the expenses associated with recruiting a software developer in the United States, according to CodeSumit.

Here's a brief breakdown of potential recruitment costs:

  • Job Board Costs (LinkedIn): $1,000
  • Recruiter Service: 20$ -25% of the annual salary.
  • Applicant Tracking System: $200
  • HR costs/recruitment (40 hours): $1,300
  • Assessment: $720
  • Interview process (2h15min x 2): $1,900
  • Loss of productivity: $6,883
  • Training costs: $1,111
  • Onboarding costs: $400

Our staffing agency is committed to offering comprehensive staffing solutions to our clients, assisting them in navigating the complex process of talent acquisition.

Access to Skilled Professionals

IT staffing services offer businesses the unique opportunity to access a pool of highly qualified candidates and skilled IT professionals. This vast talent pool includes expertise in various domains, such as software development, network administration, and cybersecurity. Startups and small businesses can greatly benefit from this expertise by directly hiring IT professionals as needed. Whether for specific projects or continuous technology support, IT staffing services fulfill the staffing needs of businesses through efficient staff augmentation.

The demand for software developer positions is rapidly growing, with an expected growth rate of 25% from 2019 to 2029. Finding software developers with the right skills can be challenging, making it crucial to widen the search to include a larger talent pool. The best IT staffing agencies allow you to reach talent on a global scale, providing a competitive advantage in today's market. When considering outsourcing talent through managed services, nearshoring in South America is an attractive option due to time zone compatibility, a qualified workforce, and other advantages. For more insights, check out this blog post.

Working with nearshore IT staffing agencies provides access to a wider pool of skilled IT talent from different countries. It's important to remember that you can find IT staffing services in the USA that can assist you in hiring talent in nearshore locations. They provide comprehensive services throughout the entire hiring process, ensuring you find and hire the most suitable software engineers. Additionally, they help you navigate legal and labor hazards, ensuring compliance with all legal, financial, and labor requirements. These are just some of the benefits of choosing the best IT staffing agency for your staffing needs.

Flexibility and Scalability

Startups and small businesses are known to experience rapid growth and significant change, which can make it challenging for a hiring manager to recruit and manage a full-time IT team. IT staffing services offer a flexible and scalable solution to these businesses by enabling them to search jobs and hire tech talent, such as quality assurance specialists and software developers, without the full labor burden and complexity. These services offer flexible contracting periods to meet immediate needs and specific skill requirements.

As a business grows, it can easily adjust its IT staffing services to match its evolving needs. This flexibility is especially beneficial when dealing with passive candidates who may be open to short-term projects.

If you're a startup owner or run a small business and want a long-term development team but lack the budget for it, IT staffing agencies offer various options to fit your needs. You can hire a team for a short period or a team of developers with long-term intentions but without the risks of a regular employer. This temporary staffing solution, provided by your recruiting agency, can be an excellent way to access the right talent without overstretching your resources.

In addition to staffing, these agencies often provide consulting services to help you optimize your hiring process and ensure you're attracting the best tech talent in the market.


In summary, IT staffing services can be incredibly useful for startups and small businesses. These services provide an affordable option, access to skilled professionals, and flexibility and scalability. By using IT staffing services, startups, and small businesses can focus on their core strengths while trusting experts to handle their technology needs.

Outsourcing talent needs to IT staffing experts frees up valuable time and resources, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies. This approach enables you to stay ahead of the competition, innovate, and deliver the best possible products or services to your customers. It also provides peace of mind, knowing that your IT needs are being taken care of by experienced professionals, leaving you to focus on what really matters: growing your business and building your brand.

BetterWay Devs is an IT staffing service based in the US that specializes in hiring software developers from South America. Contact us to schedule a call and find out how our services can help your startup or small business grow.

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