BetterWay Devs: A Leader in Clutch's 100 Rapidly Growing Companies

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We're thrilled to announce that BetterWay Devs has earned a spot on Clutch’s 2024 list of the 100 fastest-growing companies, landing at an impressive 17th place! This recognition, from a globally renowned B2B service marketplace, is a testament to our relentless growth, top-notch service delivery, and steadfast commitment to our valued clients.

Clutch's ranking methodology involves analyzing companies' absolute revenue growth rate over the past year. The list includes a diverse range of service providers skilled in areas such as mobile app development, digital marketing, call center services, SEO, IT services, and more. Companies on this list are headquartered across the globe, reflecting the reach and influence of Clutch's platform.

Top 100 Recognition: The Reasons Behind the Growth

Our notable growth rate of 143.6% is not only a testament to our strategic response to the changing landscape brought about by the global pandemic but also the evolution of our business model. The pandemic opened doors to remote hiring opportunities in South America, which we recognized and leveraged.

This venture wasn't an overnight success. BetterWay Devs is, in reality, a spin-off from AtlanticSoft Inc., a company successfully developing software for North American companies since 2006. With years of industry knowledge and technical expertise from AtlanticSoft Inc., we were well-positioned to identify and foster the best talents. This long-standing experience has been crucial to our ability to seize the new remote working opportunities presented by the pandemic and transform them into a thriving business model.

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Presenting our Unique and Transparent Staffing Model

A major factor driving our growth is our  transparent staffing model. Unlike mainstream staffing agencies, we prioritize maximizing salaries over agency fees. When the opportunity for remote hiring emerged following the pandemic, many agencies opted to stick to the conventional model of high fees and the use of intermediaries, which increased management costs and suppressed salaries to as low as 50% of what the client pays. Under these conditions, offering competitive salaries becomes challenging, and staff turnover tends to be high.

At this pivotal moment, other companies attempted to seize this opportunity. However, their limited experience working with local talent and specialized positions left them unsure of where to start and how to proceed effectively. In contrast, our approach has been to leverage our rich industry knowledge and technical expertise to foster the best talent and build enduring, win-win partnerships with our clients.

Harnessing South American Tech Talent

Understanding the wealth of tech talent available in South America, we made a strategic decision to bridge the gap between these skilled professionals and companies seeking their expertise. Our unique nearshore advantage facilitates our clients' connection with highly skilled South American software developers, armed with the technical prowess and cultural alignment crucial for innovation.

Our unique model ensures that we offer competitive salaries, which in turn fosters a stable and committed workforce. This has not only enabled us to expand our client base but has also facilitated the retention and growth of existing clients. By prioritizing fair conditions and streamlining the hiring process, we have been able to grow rapidly, even in a changing landscape.

Evolving Together with Our Clients

One key factor contributing to our growth has been our commitment to evolve alongside our diverse range of clients, which include startups to large companies across various industries such as technology, ecommerce, retail, non-profits, marketing agencies, and e-learning. We firmly believe in fostering enduring, win-win partnerships.

We understand that our clients, regardless of their size or industry, are capable of leading their own teams and simply require a partner to connect them with top talent under transparent and fair conditions, and streamline the  hiring process.  This approach has not only enabled the expansion of our client base but has also fostered the retention and growth of existing clients.

BetterWay Devs: Your Trusted Ally

At BetterWay Devs, we aim to provide support to our clients and candidates alike. Our approach is rooted in clear communication, aiming to build trust with our partners and collaborators. Our success is reflected not just in our growth, but in the quality of our results and our commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on offering access to top-tier talent from South America, cost-effective staffing solutions, and a focus on employee welfare. We strive to be a reliable partner in the tech industry, always ready to adapt and meet the needs of our clients and candidates.

Looking Forward

We are extremely pleased with this significant achievement, but our journey doesn't end here.

Clutch's recognition has filled our tanks with extra motivation! We're more committed than ever to keep up our growing, innovating, and excelling in our staffing services. We're all geared up for the future and the truckload of opportunities it's going to bring.

BetterWay Devs prides itself in its commitment to fostering growth and development. We provide exceptional opportunities for skilled tech professionals and offer businesses access to top-tier talent. Our history of growth mirrors the quality of our services, making us a trusted partner in nearshore staffing solutions.  Ready to propel your business forward? Connect with us today!

Paula Tellez

BetterWay Devs Inbound Marketing Manager

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