Why transparent staffing is the future of hiring software developers abroad

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Transparent staffing is a modern approach that addresses the evolving market requirement for a fair and open hiring process. In conventional staffing models, there is often confusion about the relationship between various pricing elements. This lack of transparency can result in a disproportionate allocation of payments to intermediary service fees instead of properly compensating the employee.

The traditional staffing model creates uncertainty and hinders the formation of trust and lasting partnerships between employees, companies, and recruitment firms. Transparent staffing models, on the other hand, foster trust and create mutually beneficial scenarios. They ensure fair compensation and recognition for workers while allowing organizations to establish sustainable collaborations with recruitment agencies.

In the following sections, we discuss the disadvantages and highlight the advantages of this alternative for hiring abroad.

Drawbacks of Traditional Pricing

Opaque hiring frameworks have several drawbacks that make the hiring process less straightforward and fair. These drawbacks include:

  1. Vagueness in the Pricing Framework: In usual staffing arrangements, the connection between various pricing components, like intermediary fees and worker wages, is not clearly defined. This lack of clarity hinders employees and clients from fully comprehending how their financial contributions are distributed and may lead to a larger portion being allocated to agency fees instead of fair worker compensation.
  2. Agency Fees Take Precedence: Standard recruitment models frequently prioritize intermediary service fees, which may reduce the significance of adequately compensating employees. This disproportionate emphasis can result in workers feeling undervalued and a greater proportion of financial rewards benefiting the agency.
  3. Transparency on Salary Distribution: Workers in traditional recruitment frameworks often lack transparency regarding the negotiations between their agency and the hiring organization. This lack of transparency can create uncertainty about the value of their services and the portion of the share that the agency obtains. As a result, it can lead to a climate of distrust that hinders the development of strong relationships between employees and companies.
  4. Challenges in Salary Escalation Practices: Opaque staffing practices create challenges in ensuring transparent execution of annual salary increments. Companies may face difficulty in determining the amount of increase to pass on to employees and whether any portion is deducted by the agency. This lack of clarity can lead to dissatisfaction, negatively impacting staff motivation and engagement.

By recognizing these pitfalls, staffing agencies can optimize their pricing model to meet the demands of the current talent market.

The Importance of Fair Pay and Dependability

Employees, especially software developers, are becoming more aware of their value and are looking for organizations that appreciate their skills and hard work. In the highly competitive field of recruiting software professionals, it is crucial to offer fair and market-competitive compensation. The lack of transparency in the traditional staffing model hinders building trust and establishing long-term relationships.

Transparent staffing addresses these problems by bringing clarity to the salary negotiation process, specifically ensuring that software professionals receive fair and competitive salaries. By openly detailing the pricing structure and ensuring that a significant amount of financial transactions is dedicated to staff compensation, companies can build trust with their remote software talents.

Transparent staffing is important for fair pay, dependability, employee satisfaction, and loyalty. According to a survey conducted by Paychex in 2020, 83% of employees reported being satisfied with their jobs when their employer demonstrated transparency, compared to 57% satisfaction in non-transparent companies. Additionally, three-fourths of employees in transparent companies expressed a willingness to stay with their current jobs, while only 45% of individuals in non-transparent companies felt the same way. These statistics highlight the significance of transparency in fostering a positive organizational culture and encouraging employee loyalty.

When employees are fairly compensated and recognized for their contributions, it not only enhances their satisfaction but also strengthens their commitment to the organization.

The Benefits of Transparent Staffing

A transparent hiring process has several advantages. It improves recruitment methodologies by replacing the challenges of opaque staffing processes with upfrontness and transparency. This results in a more effective and impartial assessment of prospective candidates, leading to the selection of suitable software talents with greater confidence.

Additionally, this approach fosters trust in workplace relationships. When there is a clear understanding of compensation structures and mutual expectations, it cultivates an atmosphere of trust and open discourse. This, in turn, leads to strong and cooperative partnerships where both parties invest in mutual success.

Finally, the transparent staffing ethos benefits all stakeholders. Workforce members are fairly recognized and rewarded for their skills and participation. Companies gain access to top-tier talents and build lasting connections with software engineers who align with their goals and values. Staffing agencies establish their reputation as reliable advocates who champion the success of both workers and businesses .


Transparent staffing is a straightforward and advantageous hiring strategy for hiring software developers from abroad. In a time where fair compensation and honesty are crucial, it offers an innovative and successful alternative. By being transparent, companies can establish successful and long-lasting collaborations with software developers.

The key to transparent staffing is its ability to overcome the limitations of traditional hiring models. By promoting clear and honest wage processes, organizations build trust and create an environment where software engineers feel valued and acknowledged for their contributions. This culture not only increases employee satisfaction but also promotes loyalty and long-term commitment.

Transparent staffing is the future of hiring software developers abroad, offering numerous benefits such as trust, fairness, and the creation of win-win relationships. At BetterWay Devs, we are proud to be a leading company that offers transparent staffing services. With fees as low as 12% of the salary cost, we prioritize fairness and transparency in our approach. To learn more about how our transparent staffing model can benefit your company and to explore partnership opportunities, schedule a call with us today.

Paula Tellez

BetterWay Devs Inbound Marketing Manager


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