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The demand for iOS app developers is skyrocketing. Businesses across industries understand the value of providing a seamless mobile app experience, particularly on iOS devices. As a result, the race to hire skilled iOS developers and programmers has become increasingly competitive.

However, acquiring the right talent isn't confined by geographical boundaries. The rise of remote hiring has revolutionized the landscape of development services, offering a myriad of benefits. It enables businesses to access global talent, ensuring they can secure the best fit for their app development needs, regardless of location. Whether it's an iOS developer in your hometown or an iOS programmer on the other side of the world, remote hiring brings top-tier talent to your fingertips.

With remote hiring, businesses can also expect cost savings, increased productivity, and an expanded talent pool. It also fosters diversity and inclusion, allowing companies to build a workforce that brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the table.

In this blog post, we will delve into the skills to look for when hiring iOS developers, understanding the different levels of iOS developers, and the advantages of procuring these development services from Latin America.

Hiring iOS Developers: Essential Skills to Look For

When hiring iOS app developers, it's crucial to understand the key skills they need to excel in iOS development. This ensures you recruit a professional who can contribute effectively to your projects and deliver exceptional user experience.

Firstly, a proficient iOS developer should have a strong command over Swift and Objective-C. Swift, the primary language for iOS app development, is known for its simplicity and safety features. Objective-C is essential for dealing with legacy code and ensuring compatibility, an important aspect of app maintenance.

Next, developers must be familiar with UIKit and SwiftUI. UIKit, the traditional iOS UI framework, enables developers to design graphical, event-driven user interfaces, enhancing the user experience in iOS apps. SwiftUI, a newer tool, simplifies the process of UI development with a declarative syntax, streamlining the iOS development process.

Experience with Xcode and Interface Builder is another essential requirement. Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment, is used for developing software for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. Interface Builder, a part of Xcode, is a graphical tool used to create and edit user interface files, a key component in iOS app design.

Understanding of app architecture patterns like MVC (Model-View-Controller), MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel), and VIPER (View, Interactor, Presenter, Entity, and Router) is valuable. These design patterns help to organize code in a structured and logical manner, crucial for efficient iOS development and app maintenance.

Knowledge of version control, particularly Git, is crucial. It aids in collaborative development and helps keep track of different versions of the code, an integral part of iOS app maintenance.

The ability to work with RESTful APIs is important for data exchange, a crucial aspect of developing interactive iOS apps. Familiarity with data persistence frameworks like Core Data and Realm is beneficial, supporting the creation of robust and user-friendly iOS apps.

Lastly, a skilled iOS developer should be proficient in writing unit tests to maintain code quality and detect early bugs in the development cycle, ensuring a smooth user experience in your iOS app.

By looking for these key skills when hiring, you can ensure that you recruit a qualified and competent iOS developer capable of delivering high-quality work in iOS app development.

Different Levels of iOS Developers

As in any other development areas, professionals are typically classified into three main levels: Junior, Mid-Level, and Senior. These classifications are crucial when hiring, as they inform expectations regarding a developer's skills, responsibilities, and potential contributions.

Junior iOS App Developers:  at the onset of their career, usually bring 1-2 years of experience to the table. They possess basic proficiency in Swift, the go-to language for iOS development, and Objective-C for legacy code compatibility. Junior developers are also acquainted with UIKit and SwiftUI, the key frameworks for crafting user interfaces in iOS. Additionally, they have experience using Xcode, Apple's development environment, and Interface Builder for designing user interface files. However, when it comes to web development or deploying iOS applications in the real world, their experience could be limited. Junior developers, eager to learn and grow, often need more guidance and mentorship.

Mid-Level iOS App Developers:  with around 3-5 years under their belt, have a more profound understanding of iOS development. They are adept at tasks like designing and implementing intricate app features independently. They are skilled in working with RESTful APIs for data exchange and have experience with data persistence frameworks like Core Data and Realm. Being able to navigate version control systems, particularly Git, for collaborative development and code versioning is another expertise of a mid-level developer. Their significant contributions to projects and lesser requirement for supervision set them apart from junior developers.

Senior iOS Developers: are seasoned professionals equipped with 5+ years of experience. Their advanced proficiency in Swift enables them to optimize app performance, including aspects like memory management and responsiveness. These developers have a solid understanding of user interface design principles and secure coding practices, vital for data protection in any iOS application. Familiarity with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, crucial for swift, consistent, and reliable app development and deployment, is another asset they bring. Senior developers often spearhead projects, mentor junior team members, and contribute to high-level technical decisions. Their comprehensive experience and deep knowledge make them an invaluable asset to any iOS development team.

When hiring an iOS app developer, identifying the level of expertise required for your projects ensures that you choose a professional who can effectively cater to your specific needs and contribute significantly to achieving your goals in web development and beyond.

Best Practices for Assessing iOS Developers

When looking to hire iOS app developers for mobile app development, it's crucial to assess their experience effectively. This can be achieved through several techniques that provide a comprehensive view of their skills, knowledge, and work ethic.

Portfolio Review: A developer's portfolio is a visual representation of their skills and experience. It usually contains samples of their work, including projects they've completed or contributed to. When reviewing a portfolio, look for real-world iPhone applications the developer has built or contributed to significantly. Their contributions to the App Store and their GitHub repositories can provide valuable insights into their coding style and capabilities.

Coding Challenges: These are practical tasks that can help assess a developer's problem-solving skills. Coding challenges can range from simple coding problems to complex tasks that mimic real-world scenarios. They allow you to evaluate the iPhone app developer's technical proficiency, coding style, approach to problem-solving, and understanding of mobile app development.

Technical Interviews: These interviews delve into the developer's knowledge of iOS development concepts. They can help assess the developer's understanding of essential programming languages (like Swift and Objective-C), familiarity with UIKit and SwiftUI, experience with Xcode and Interface Builder, and understanding of app architecture patterns such as MVC, MVVM, and VIPER.

By employing these assessment strategies, you can ensure a well-rounded evaluation of potential dedicated iOS developers. This enables you to make informed hiring decisions and build a team that meets your specific needs and objectives. This approach is particularly effective when you're looking to hire a senior iOS developer under a dedicated engagement model.

If you want to learn more about evaluating Software developers thorugh technical interviews, read this blog post: Software Engineer Interview Questions: Guide for Technical Interviews in South America

Advanced Skills for Native iOS Development

For iOS developers specializing in native development, mastery of certain advanced skills can significantly increase their value to a team. These dedicated iOS developers are deeply knowledgeable about the nuances of both iOS application and web app development, and they can handle complex, highly specialized tasks.

Advanced Swift: Top-tier iOS developers are expected to have a deep understanding of Swift, beyond the basics. They're comfortable using advanced Swift features and stay updated on the latest best practices. When you hire an iOS developer with these skills, you're investing in a professional who can drive custom iOS app development with expertise and innovation.

Performance Optimization: Focusing on user experience, these developers are proficient in optimizing app performance. This involves refining aspects such as memory management and responsiveness to ensure the app runs smoothly, providing an optimal user experience that's crucial in today's competitive app market.

UI/UX Design: A strong understanding of user interface and user experience design principles is crucial for creating intuitive, user-friendly apps. When you hire iOS developers with these skills, you're investing in professionals who can create interfaces that are not only functional but also enjoyable for users, enhancing the overall success of your iOS applications.

Security Practices: In today's digital landscape, security is of paramount importance. Top iOS developers should be familiar with secure coding practices and understand how to protect user data. Their knowledge about encryption techniques, secure networking, access controls, and more ensures the safety of your app's data and user information.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines is another valuable skill. These practices allow developers to integrate their code changes more frequently, leading to better collaboration, faster detection of potential issues, and smoother custom iOS app development processes.

In conclusion, hiring top iOS developers requires you to understand these advanced skills. By ensuring your candidates possess these skills, you can build a robust, efficient team for iOS app development that can deliver high-quality, secure, and user-friendly applications.

The Appeal of Latin America

In your quest to hire  iOS developers, expanding your search towards Latin America could be a pivotal strategy. This region, flourishing with dynamic tech communities and an increasing number of highly skilled mobile app developers, including dedicated iOS and Android developers, provides an excellent opportunity for businesses seeking to bolster their global talent pool.

Countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia are particularly remarkable in this respect. Brazil, seen as the technological epicenter of South America, boasts a significant pool of software engineers, including iPhone developers, and several prestigious universities offering comprehensive engineering and technology programs. Mexico, with its robust economy and vibrant tech community, is a close second. Mexican developers often have experience working directly with U.S. software product companies, offering profound understanding of context and cultural nuances.

Argentina, another country to consider, is known for its thriving startup culture and growing tech scene. Argentine developers are recognized for their skills in areas like computer programming, database management, and data science. They are proficient in hiring models that entail collaborative development with teams spread globally.

Not to forget, Colombia, known for its rapidly growing tech scene and commitment to digital transformation, is also a great source to hire developers. The country is home to a number of well-established tech hubs and has been attracting tech giants and startups alike with its strong pool of software developers.

Hiring from Latin America not only gives you access to a diverse talent pool but also offers cost advantages, with competitive rates compared to North American and European markets. Additionally, the close time zone alignment with North American companies makes collaboration smoother and more efficient.

By hiring remote iOS developers from Latin America, you can tap into this dynamic region's wealth of talent, fostering a diverse, skilled, and innovative development team. So, whether you’re looking to hire dedicated iOS developers or Android developers on a full-time or freelance basis, Latin America provides excellent options for your engineering needs.


As in any other field, when it comes to iOS development, the professionals you choose to bring on board can significantly impact your product's success.

Opting for remote hiring opens up a world of possibilities. By tapping into a global talent pool, you can find the ideal fit for your project requirements, irrespective of their geographical location. The advantages are numerous - cost savings, increased productivity, and a diverse workforce, to name a few.

Latin America, in particular, has demonstrated a burgeoning tech scene with skilled and competent developers.

By hiring remote iOS developers from Latin America, you not only get access to top-tier talent but also benefit from cost savings, increased productivity, and a diverse, inclusive workforce.

So why wait? Start your journey towards assembling your dream team of iOS developers today.

BetterWay Devs and its IT recruiting and staffing services aims to bridge the gap between North American companies and exceptional talent in Latin America. Schedule a call with us today to take the first step towards finding your ideal iOS developer.

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